Mancunian living in Whitley Bay, the tropical Riviera of the North East. Stumbled up my first hill Great Gable in 1981 with my mate Alan fuelled by 2 cans of Coke, a packet of crisps & a Yorkie bar. I was amazed to later discover that this wasn’t ideal hill nutrition.

Often to be found in the Lake District, Scottish Highlands, Northumberland’s Cheviot hills & Hadrians Wall. Over the years have developed flat feet and dodgy knees, which can make some descents and multi-day hikes a bit painful. Managed to injure my back being blown backwards on Glencoe’s Buachaille Etive Mor; there are worse places to be blown backwards of course and the views were tremendous as I flew through the air.

Returned to the wonderful West Highlands in 2010 after a 10 year break, and now try to get up there twice a year. Wish I had more disposable income and time off work for many more trips up north, but there you go. Finally upgraded to a Smartphone in 2011 and now use mobile mapping and track routes via ViewRanger and Social Hiking. Most of the photos here are now taken with the mobile as it’s decent quality and I’m too lazy to get the camera out:-) I try not to doctor the pictures except for occasional darken/lightening so that they reflect the weather and conditions on the day.

There are many great blogs out there so this one’s mainly for fun, a far more satisfying way of recording trips, routes & adventures etc than the old pile of photos. However if anyone enjoys reading these ramblings or finds some inspiration or maybe even discovers somewhere new, then it’s an added bonus. It’s very rewarding sharing ones passions.

Mart 1.9.2012

“It’s the ONLY blog I read… anytime anywhere any place!” – Mark Brierley, China

“It is indeed the best blog with that title I have read” – Paul, Preston

“Rubbish” – My Dad, Manchester

PS: Hillwalking is immense fun however navigation can become difficult and conditions can change rapidly especially in cloud, so carry the right gear & let someone experienced show you the ropes. The hills will always be there, make sure you are. For anyone new to hillwalking check out this guide. Enjoy the outdoors:-)