Another Quick Wintry Walk on the High Section of Hadrians Wall

This was only my third opportunity to get out walking this year and once again the forecast of heavy rain or snow in the Cheviots meant a late change of plan. Instead of potentially becoming snowed in up the Coquet Valley, another quick dash on Hadrian’s Wall seemed a more sensible choice.

From my mate’s in Hexham I was soon parking at the Housesteads car park which experience has shown is possibly the coldest part of any Wall walk. It was certainly a gloomy cold sleety morning and the National Trust man sat in his van looking grimly resigned to a quiet day. The few people out were wrapped up in duvet jackets however I trusted my 2 layer system of long sleeved ancient capilene thermal vest with a hooded Paramo windshirt. The start is always cold then once moving up onto the Wall it feels just right. Unfortunately views were limited today, the pics are from my phone and a bit washed out but the slight wintry dusting adds interest.


From the top of Hotbanks looking west, phone held up high to look over the Wall


Above Crag Loch


Looking down over Sycamore Gap


Sycamore Gap, featuring erm the Sycamore


Looking down to Steel Rigg with Winshields Crags up past the trees

Nearly 4 miles from Housesteads is Winshields Crags, the highest point on Hadrians Wall featuring a welcome trig point, which I sat behind for a little shelter from the cold breeze.


Winshield Crags, the highest bit and can be a bit nippy

After a few Tweets, some photos, a Breakaway & a cuppa it was time to head back. I wore my fingerless gloves for these tasks but left my fingertips exposed just a little too long so the descent involved stinging hands and a few tears in the eyes till I warmed up.


Winshield Crags


Looking West


Heading down from Winshields looking east and the return journey


The dodgy downward sloping slippy steps through the trees


Hotbanks Farm looking west before the last uphill pull on the return

The many little stops taking pictures and trying to Tweet them had slowed me down so I had to get a move on back to Housesteads to make the last food order at the Dipton Mill. This was thankfully successful as that pint had my name on & so did the Tomato&Veg soup


Pint of Hexham Berwery’s finest Whapweazel, sat next to the fire


Essential part of the day, the Dipton Mill Country Pub,

Phil, the nice man at Social Hiking retweeted my live GPS recording of today’s walk and linked up my Flickr pics – I didn’t feel a thing! Click on the map below for the route. Have done this walk well over 150 times & never tire of it. Or the beer. Thanks for reading 🙂

Todays Hadrian's Wall Route Map

Click for Hadrians Wall route, Houseteads to Winshields & back


Hillwalker with dodgy knees and dodgier sense of humour. Lover of the outdoors, Lakes, Highlands, Cheviots, nature, good food, real ale and leaf tea.
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6 Responses to Another Quick Wintry Walk on the High Section of Hadrians Wall

  1. Oh I could feel the biting cold in this one Mart.
    Great pix.
    Respect for your determination to get out there.

  2. Some great shots Mart !!! I am so jealous

  3. Sue says:

    Nice entry. Planning to walk HW in May. Unfortunately just busted my knee snowboarding so fitness in doubt. Lovely to see your pics..and I can feel the effect of the pub fire/soup and a delicious pint. Thanks for sharing. S.

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